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Join us for lots of fun in the outdoors

We do – hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, skiing, roller blading, camping, sailing, backpacking, car camping, rock climbing, spelunking (caving), running, horse-back riding, white-water rafting, tubing, rowing, kite flying, fishing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and more.

When we say ‘more’, we mean that we are committed to facilitating our members in having the outdoor recreation experience they desire. Our motto is: “We are what our members do”.

Membership in Journey is open to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, or national origin. That means you are welcome!

Membership Application

Our 'Membership Year' begins March 1st of each year, and ends on the last day of February.
If you join at the beginning of our 'Membership Year' you pay $45.00.
If you join after June 21st you pay $33.75.
If you join after September 21st you pay $22.50.
If you join after December 21st you pay $11.25.

  1. Print an Appication

  2. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader get it Here or Here
  3. Complete the application
  4. Mail the application with your payment to Journey and begin your outdoor experience with us.

Journey’s annual membership fee is as follows:

$45.00 Individual

$90.00 Family (2-adults and children under 12-yrs)

$35.00 Seniors (65yrs +) / Students (with proof of status) / Youth (12yrs - 17yrs)

To become a committee member place a check beside one or more committees on the Membership Application.

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Member Benefits

For an annual fee members receive our:

Membership in Journey is of value. Your membership gets you 52-weeks of exciting activities to do. For less than the cost of a music concert, your membership instantly places you within a network of outdoor enthusiast who, like yourself, look forward to joining each other on the next outing.

Your membership fee goes towards paying the cost of establishing and maintaining our website, printing and promotional literature, exhibit fees at fairs, festivals and other events, and for the Journey telephone line.

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Member Responsibility

Members are responsible to provide their own equipment, clothing and supplies on outings; in the case of Expeditions equipment and supplies are provided, however clothing is not. Members are responsible to provide their own transportation to and from the rendezvous location. Because we use car-pooling to and from some activity sites, pay entry, and user fees (i.e. guide services and equipment rental) members are responsible to contribute in equal share to the cost of travel, entry and user fees as indicated by the Trip Leader. Car-pooling fees are paid to the drivers.

Car-Pooling Fee is $7.00 per person, per 100-miles.

All members are responsible to sign activity waivers.

For membership questions or concerns contact us at: or by phone: 410-664-1035

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Equipment Rental

Save money by renting your camping and backpacking gear items from Journey. Members can rent gear to use during Journey sponsored outtings.

Call: 443-453-3010 for details and to reserve your gear.
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