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Journey was founded in 1996 by Heru-Ka Anu

To facilitate our desire to be comfortable while engaged in outdoor recreation activities. It meant being with people having similar cultural backgrounds and experiences; people wanting to do the things we wanted to do. It meant being with people whose safety issues were the same. Most importantly, it meant being with people who shared the same sense of fun and humor.

In another respect Journey was created for the larger responsibility of providing our community with a vehicle to access outdoor recreation and education activities in an organized safe, consistent manner. We knew that we would be doing our community, and this country, a good service by addressing the needs and desires of those persons who have been long neglected, ignored and shunned.

Through Journey we bridge the historical gap between outdoor sports pioneers like Betsy Coleman, Matthew Henson, James P. Beckwourth and others; we bridge the contemporary gap by connecting with those persons who are from the communities we serve and who are making contributions to those communities. Lastly, we bridge the gap between possibility and the future by facilitating those who choose to have an outdoor experience.

For making this organization possible JOURNEY thanks:

Founder and Director - Heru-Ka Anu

First Members – Juma Keambiroiro, Eleanor Hixon, Crystal Chissell, Byron Bradley, Quinn Pack, Paul Starling, Liz Jackson, Artina Davis and all of our subsequent members.

Lastly, and most important, we thank all the members and supporters of Journey

In the words of the last singer Billie Holiday: “God bless the child that’s got its own”.

Heru-Ka Anu Heru-Ka Anu Heru-Ka Anu
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