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We Are Gearing Up For 2016

We're Having Fun...Outdoors!!

Now entering our sixteenth year we are anticipating doing more and going further. No matter where you are in the US or abroad we invite you to join us.

Journey Outdoors as we are popularly known, provides and facilitates outdoor recreation activities for everyone, all ages, all fitness levels and for all levels of experience. No matter who you are there is a place for you to enjoy being in the outdoors with us.

We conduct activities in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Alabama, Colorado, South Dakota, and California. We receive inquiries about forming branches across the country; this year we plan to do just that. If you are interested in bringing Journey Outdoors to your neck of the woods contact us and we will get the process underway as quickly as possible.

Journey Outdoors, as our name says, is about getting you outside to have fun with nature and with other human beings. Once you experience the activities we provide, we are convinced you will be hooked on the outdoors for life. Our activities have all the ingredients to support your life, health and strength while you have excitement, joy, laughs and fun.

Again, Welcome to Journey Outdoors. Hopefully you will join us in the outdoors.

See our Membership Page or Call us: 443-453-3010 for details

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Join Journey Outdoors, become a Member and experience fun, adventure and excitement in the outdoors for the next twelve months. Visit new places, make new friends, stay in shape, learn something new - all while having fun. See our Schedule to know what an outstanding adventure awaits you.


Join Journey Outdoors for our Long-Distance Day Hikes as we walk our way into shape. These hikes will cause you to increase your aerobic capacity, build your endurance, burn calories and ultimately lose weight. Long Distance Hiking is like power-walking in the woods; however with us you get to travel, enjoy much better scenery, and revel in the company of others. Become a member and walk your way into a healthier and happier you.

The Winter Season is a great time to get outdoors and see nature in a different way...clearer skies, naked trees, snow-covered mountains and trails, and peace and quiet like you could never imagine. Taking the opportunity to sleep outdoors, in tents and sleeping bags, during the winter season is a heart warming experience you will never forget. And, while it may be cool-to-cold out we always manage to stay warm and comfortable. So, don't miss this season's opportunities...Join us for the adventure!

For more details and information call: 443-453-3010

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Again, Welcome to Journey. Hopefully you will join us in the outdoors.

See our Membership Page or Call us: 443-453-3010 for details

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