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Atlanta Chapter - Schedule Of Activity

Thanks to the vision and leadership of Angela Lampkins we are proud to announce the creation and launch of the Atlanta Chapter of Journey: African American Outdoor Sports Association; for short: Journey Outdoors - Atlanta.

Join now and become a Charter Member of the Atlanta Chapter*.

To get Journey Outdoors - Atlanta going Angela put together the following schedule of activities:

Tuesday, December 6 - Open House 7:00 PM till 8:30 PM
Redan-Trotti Library
1569 Wellborn Road
Redan, Georgia 30074

At the Open House learn about the organization, what we do and how we do it. Meet other outdoor enthusiast like yourself; and of course pay your membership fee and begin your outdoor adventures with a bunch of people who share the same interest.

Saturday, December 10 - Stone Mountain Trail Hike
Join Angela on this 2.5 mile inaugural hike launching the Atlanta outdoors activities. At the trail summit the overlooks provides miles upon miles of unimpeded views. Be one of the 'Charter Members' to say: "I was there for the very first hike".
Map and History

Tell your family and friends in the area about Journey Outdoors-Atlanta and encourage them to join.

To register and for information:
Contact Angela Lampkins Phone: 770-482-9050 or Email

Journey In The South

Backpack and Camp the
North Carolina Appalachian Trail

May 2006

Heru-Ka Anu, Journey Founder

Friday, May 26 to Friday June 2

Join Heru-Ka Anu hiking and camping the wilderness of North Carolina along the historic North Carolina Appalachian Trail. We will head north

This weeklong getaway offers a serene yet exciting experience while enjoying relaxation, the varied terrain, awesome senary, the group experience and having just a wonderful time.

Details are Forthcoming

For registration and information:

Call: 410-448-1929